Something About Myself.. ✨✨

Tales of love never tempted me .
Nor,I ever have cravings for someone special.
Just want to live in the world with me and my thoughts. Okay, You might contradict to my way of living. But as I don’t judge you by anyway. Then, you don’t  need to bother about my way of living.I am making my own life, I am trying to improvise.. As well I’m exploring life and various perspectives of it.I know I am very far from some phases of life. But, whatever I’m living my life. I’m Very calm and composed. I am happily satisfied .. Never thought of Future, But pretty sure I will make it up brighter. Fighting all obstacles and crossing over all the hindrances. I’m sure my life Will be a Worth and I’ll be a Humane Human.

Published by Keerti Priyadarshini

A person's wisdom yields Patience; it is to one's Glory to overlook an offense.

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